Day 2: 28th September, 2019 (Saturday)
Dr. Sumant Shah Hall
07:00AM - 08:00AM Yoga Session in Dr. B. B. Trivedi Hall
09:00AM - 10:00AM Plenary Sessions (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Rutul Gokalani (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. N. D. Khimesera (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Umesh Gedia (Surendranagar)
09:00AM - 09:20AM Vit. D Deficiency in Diabetes: Casual or Causal Relationship Dr. K. K. Pareek (Kota)
09:20AM - 09:40AM Need of registry, Discover: A Global Platform Dr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad)
09:40AM - 10:00AM Alpha Cells : Unsung Heroes in Pathophysiology & Management of Diabetes Dr. Anil Bhansali (Chandigarh)
10:00AM - 11:00AM Therapeutic Symposia (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Nitesh Patel (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Mustafa Rangwala (Ahmedabad)
Dr. P. D. Premjani (Nadiad)
10:00AM - 10:20AM Evolving Evidence with DPP4i: Implications to Practice Dr. Shashank Joshi (Mumbai)
10:20AM - 10:40AM Empowering T2DM Management Beyond HbA1c: The Vasculo-metabolic Axis, Mortality, and Clinical Place of SGLT2-inhibitors Dr. Anoop Misra (New Delhi)
10:40AM - 11:00AM Top 10 Papers Presented in ADA / EASD: Indian Context Dr. Vijay Negalur (Mumbai)
11:00AM - 12:00PM Insulin Symposium (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Padmanabh Zinzuwadia (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Virendra Kumar Goyal (Udaipur)
Dr. Bhupendra Shah (Himmatnagar)
11:00AM - 11:20AM Targetting the Incretin Pathway: 1st Injectable Therapy to treat Type 2 Diabetes Dr. Subhash Wangnoo (New Delhi)
11:20AM - 11:40AM Effectiveness of Basal insulin in Indian Settings – Demystifying Myths of Trade-offs Dr. J. J. Mukherjee (Kolkata)
11:40AM - 12:00PM Dissecting Clinical Importance of Titration & Role of Second Generation Basal Insulin Dr. A. G. Unnikrishnan (Pune)
12:00PM - 01:00PM SGLT2i Symposium (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Maulik Kinariwala (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Atul Parikh (Ahmedabad)
Dr. K. D. Tibrewal (Ahmedabad)
12:00PM - 12:20PM Empowering T2DM Management Beyond HbA1c: The Vasculo-metabolic Axis, Mortality, and Clinical Place of SGLT2-inhibitors Dr. Anoop Misra (New Delhi)
12:20PM - 12:40PM Using SGLT2 in early course of Diabetes Management: For Primary Prevention of CVD in Diabetes Dr. Sanjay Kalra (Karnal)
12:40PM - 01:00PM Shedding light on the cardio-renal connection in type 2 diabetes Dr. Per Henrik Groop (Finland)
01:00PM - 02:00PM Lunch
02:00PM - 03:00PM Newer Therapies (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Kunal Zaveri (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Bharat Shah (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Dipak Dantara (Ahmedabad)
02:00PM - 02:20PM Resurgence of Sulphonylurea after Recent Trials Dr. Sujoy Majumdar (Kolkata)
02:20PM - 02:40PM Am I risking my patients by delaying Insulination Dr. Hemant Thacker (Mumbai)
02:40PM - 03:00PM Why DPP-4 will rule the roost in T2DM? Dr. A. K. Singh (Kolkata)
03:00PM - 05:00PM WWF Series
Moderator: Dr. Asha N. Shah (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Dharmendra Panchal (Ahmedabad)
Match 1: Is Testosterone a major player in Management of Type 2 Diabetes?
03:00PM - 03:30PM Yes Dr. Mithun Bhartia (Guwahati)
No Dr. K. K. Gangopadhyay (Kolkata)
Refree's Call Dr. Sanjay Kalra (Karnal)
Match 2: Should HbA1c Still be the Main Target for Diabetes Treatment?
03:30PM - 04:00PM Yes Dr. Anjali Bhatt (Pune)
No Dr. Suresh Damodaran (Coimbatore)
Refree's Call Dr. Shashank Joshi (Mumbai)
Match 3: Do we need BGM in the era of CGM / FGM?
04:00PM - 04:30PM Yes Dr. Rajiv Kovil (Mumbai)
No Dr. Om Lakhani (Ahmedabad)
Refree's Call Dr. Partha Kar (UK)
Match 4: Should T2D patient without micro or macro vascular complication be treated first with SGLT2i?
04:30PM - 05:00PM Yes Dr. Kamal Sharma (Ahmedabad)
No Dr. A. K. Singh (Kolkata)
Refree's Call Dr. Per Henrik Groop (Finland)
05:00PM - 05:30PM Dr. Sumant Shah Oration
Chair Persons: Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Dhiren Joshi (Ahmedabad)
05:00PM - 05:30PM Can we Modify Risk Factors for DM & CVD in Indian Population? Dr. A. K. Das (Puducherry)
05:30PM - 06:00PM DIACON Gold Medal Oration
Chair Persons: Dr. O. P. Gupta (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Gajanand Mohta (Ahmedabad)
05:30PM - 06:00PM Diabetic Nephropathy – Controlled by Genes or the Consequence of Life-Style Factors? Dr. Per Henrik Groop (Finland)
06:00PM - 07:00PM Maha-Gujarat Derby
Best Combination Therapy with Metformin
Coordinator: Dr. Rajiv Kovil (Mumbai)
Chair Persons: Dr. Asha N. Shah (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Mahadev Desai (Ahmedabad)
Owner Horse Jockey
Dr. Navneet Shah Sulphonylurea Dr. Parikshit Goswami (Himmatnagar)
Dr. Vijay Panikar TZDs Dr. Jimit Vadgama (Surat)
Dr. Shashank Joshi AGI Dr. Vidyut Shah (Rajkot)
Dr. Sanjeev Phatak DPP-IV Inhibitors Dr. Lotika Purohit (Mumbai)
Dr. Vijay Negalur SGLT2 Inhibitors Dr. Shrikant Somani (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Hemant Thacker GLP-1 Analogue Dr. Aakash Singh (Vadodara)
08:00PM Onward Networking Dinner
Day 2: 28th September, 2019 (Saturday)
Dr. R. M. Shah Hall
07:00AM - 08:00AM Yoga Session in Dr. B. B. Trivedi Hall
09:00AM - 10:00AM Clinical Insights (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Shruti Sheth (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Mahesh Sanghavi (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Himanshu Padh (Jamnagar)
09:00AM - 09:20AM Diabetic Dyslipidemia: Current and Future Perspective Dr. Sambit Das (Bhubaneswar)
09:20AM - 09:40AM Diabetes and Liver - Will it decide Anti-Diabetic Therapy in Dr. Jayant Panda (Cuttack)
09:40AM - 10:00AM Genetics of Type 2 diabetes in 2019 Dr. Leif Groop (Sweden)
10:00AM - 11:00AM Digital Diabetology (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Malay Parekh (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Anant Yadav (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Bhavesh Patel (Modasa)
10:00AM - 10:20AM Point of Care Testing in Diabetes Diagnosis, Monitoring & Management Dr. Piyush Desai (Surat)
10:20AM - 10:40AM Reality check: AGP a tool to glycemic profile for your Diabetes patient Dr. Manoj Chawla (Mumbai)
10:40AM - 11:00AM Connecting the Dots for Outcome based Diabetes Management Dr. B. M. Makkar (New Delhi)
11:00AM - 12:00PM Advances in Diabetes (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Maulesh Gadani (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Sandeep Desai (Valsad)
Dr. Nihar Gedia (Surendranagar)
11:00AM - 11:20AM Recent CV Real Data with Acarbose: One more feather in the Cap Dr. Shashank Joshi (Mumbai)
11:20AM - 11:40AM Clinical Implementation of Glycemic Pentad: Role of Triple drug FDC Dr. Rakesh Sahay (Hyderabad)
11:40PM - 12:00PM Evogliptin - A New Gliptin in Era of SGLT2i Dr. Sanjay Agarwal (Pune)
12:00PM - 01:00PM Mixed Bag (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Ajay Prajapati (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Surendra Gupta (Palanpur)
Dr. Naim Kadri (Ahmedabad)
12:00PM - 12:20PM Lorcaserin: A Novel agent in Obesity Management Dr. Anoop Misra (New Delhi)
12:20PM - 12:40PM ARNI in Heart Failure with Diabetes - A new PARADIGM Dr. Rajesh Rajput (Rohtak)
12:40AM - 01:00PM VERIFYing the Future of Diabetes Management Dr. Anant Nigam (Jaipur)
01:00PM - 02:00PM Lunch
02:00PM - 03:00PM DIABETES & KIDNEY SYMPOSIA (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Rapporteur: Dr. Viral Raj (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Vismay Nayak (Botad)
Dr. Dishank Patel (Baroda)
02:00PM - 02:20PM Fatty Kidney Disease - A New Entity Dr. Arvind Gupta (Jaipur)
02:20PM - 02:40PM Clinical Markers of Improving Kidney Outcomes in Diabetic Nephropathy Dr. Kamlakar Tripathi (Varanasi)
02:40PM - 03:00PM Association between T2DM and CKD - growing need for early intensive treatment Dr. Sachin Chittawar( Bhopal)
03:00PM - 05:00PM WWF Series
Moderator: Dr. Mahadev Desai (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Arvind Gupta (Jaipur)
Match 1: Should Patients with T2DM be encouraged to use CGM more frequently?
03:00PM - 03:30PM Yes Dr. Manoj Chawla (Mumbai)
No Dr. Supratik Bhattacharya (Kolkata)
Refree's Call Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)
Match 2: Is LDL still the best lipid predictor for cardiovascular event?
03:30PM - 04:00PM Yes Dr. Vinod Mittal (New Delhi)
No Dr. G. Vijaykumar (Chennai)
Refree's Call Dr. A. K. Das (Puducherry)
Match 3: Should we consider metablic surgery for Diabetes of Shorter Duration?
04:00PM - 04:30PM Yes Dr. Urman Dhruv (Ahmedabad)
No Dr. Neeta Deshpande (Belgaum)
Refree's Call Dr. B. M. Makkar (New Delhi)
Match 4: Is insulin still the best injectable therapy?
04:30PM - 05:00PM Yes Dr. Sanjeev Phatak (Ahmedabad)
No Dr. Anuj Maheshwari (Lucknow)
Refree's Call Dr. Anil Bhansali (Chandigarh)
05:00PM - 05:30PM Dr. R. M. Shah Oration
Chair Persons: Dr. Premal Thakor (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Sunil Mehta (Ahmedabad)
05:00PM - 05:30PM Epidemiological Shift in Diabetes in India: Where are we heading? Dr. Sudhir Bhandari (Jaipur)
06:00PM - 07:00PM Kitchen Premier League
Umpire Dr. B. M. Makkar (New Delhi)
Match Refree Dr. Urman Dhruv (Ahmedabad)
Leg Umpire Dr. Manoj Chawla (Mumbai)
Third Umpire Dt. Rima Rao (Rajkot)
06:00PM - 06:20PM Which is a Magic Pill in Management of Diabetes?: Diet v/s Exercise
Spice Girls Dr. Neeta Deshpande (Belgaum)
Dt. Meenakshi Bajaj (Chennai)
Chills & Grills Dr. Minal Mohit (Jaipur)
Dr. Ruby Sound (Mumbai)
06:20PM - 06:40PM Low Carbohydrate v/s Low Calorie Diet
The Protein Lovers Dr. Pratap Jethwani (Rajkot)
Dt. Kavita Gupta (Nagpur)
The Cereal Killers Dr. Meena Chhabra (New Delhi)
Dr. Purvi Chawla (Mumbai)
06:40PM - 07:00PM Ketogenic Diet
Jhakkas Cooks Dr. Dhruvi Hasnani (Ahmedabad)
Dt. Sheryl Salis (Mumbai)
The Incredibles Dr. Anjali Bhatt (Pune)
Dr. Vanisha Nambiar (Vadodara)
Day 2: 28th September, 2019 (Saturday)
Dr. B. B. Trivedi Hall
07:00AM - 08:00AM Yoga Session in Dr. B. B. Trivedi Hall
09:00AM - 10:30AM Free Papers (7 mins for Presentation & 2 mins for Q & A)
Chair Persons: Dr. B. C. Kazi (Ahmedabad)
Dr. B. B. Solanki (Ahmedabad)
09:00AM - 09:09AM Standardization & Efficacy of Polyerbal Formulation on Lipid Porfile in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitues Patients Indrashis Mukherjee (Lucknow)
09:09AM - 09:18AM Assessment of Left Ventricular Structure in Pre-Diabetics Deepak Kumar Das (Shahjahanpur)
09:18AM - 09:27AM Prevalence of Co-Morbidities in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Awarness Level and the Impacts of Education Program Manoj Kumar Srivastava (Varanasi)
09:27AM - 09:36AM QTc Prolongation: As an Indicator of Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy in Patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitues Owez Virani (Pune)
09:36AM - 09:45AM Cardiac autonomic neuropathy and Diabetes: A correlation study among the semi urban population. Dr. Subhajyoti Ghosh (Assam)
09:45AM - 09:54AM Application of BIA in Metabolic Disorders Ankita Ghag (Mumbai)
09:54AM - 10:03AM Energy Intake & Expenditure in Type 2 Diabetic Subjects Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Patna Akhouri Sukrit Prakash (Patna)
10:03AM - 10:12AM Real World Experience of Ambulatory Profile Ritu Johari (Mumbai)
10:12AM - 10:21AM Evaluation of Serum Magnesium Levels in Patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Micro Vascular Complications Ashima Badyal (Jammu)
10:21AM - 10:30AM Psychosocial Impact of Youth diabetes Camps in India – Patient Advocacy and going beyond blood glucose testing. Apoorva Gomber (New Delhi)
10:30AM - 12:00PM Insulin Workshop (13 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Moderator: Dr. Rohan Patel (Bharuch)
Chair Persons: Dr. Jitendra Nagar (Deesa)
Dr. Kamlesh Fatania (Ahmedabad)
10:30AM - 10:45AM Setting the scene: Physiology & metabolism of insulins, history, milestones and profiles Dr. Vinay Dhandhania (Ranchi)
10:45AM - 11:00AM Insulin is patient friendly: Demystifying old myths Dr. Benny Negalur (Mumbai)
11:00AM - 11:15AM Starting insulin in a patient with T2D: Case based discussion Dr. Meena Chhabra (New Delhi)
11:15AM - 11:30PM Continued insulin care: Monitoring treatment to suit patient needs Dr. Amit Sharaf (Mumbai)
11:30AM - 11:45AM Successful insulin treatment: Empowering patients for day-to-day insulin use Dr. JS Kumar (Chennai)
11:45AM - 12:00PM Insulin injection induced lipohypertrophy: A poorly addressed major problem. Dr. Sunil Gupta (Nagpur)
12:00PM - 01:00PM Hypoglycemia (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Moderator: Dr. Nitin Goswami (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Devang Desai (Valsad)
Dr. Raxit Brahmbhatt (Ahmedabad)
12:00PM - 12:20PM Prevenlce of Hypoglycemia : Global & Indian Perspective Dr. Anuj Maheshwari (Lucknow)
12:20PM - 12:40PM Risk Factors of Hypoglycemia & Its Management Dr. Purvi Chawla (Mumbai)
12:40PM - 01:00PM Managing Hypoglycemia & To Achieve Tight Glycemic Control in Type 1 Diabetes : A Nightmare Dr. Archana Sarda (Aurangabad)
01:00PM - 02:00PM Lunch
02:00PM - 04:30PM Workshop on Diabetic Foot (20 mins Lecture + 5 mins Discussion)
Moderator: Dr. Harshal Shah (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Rajnish Saxena (Ajmer)
Dr. Pramod Menon (Ahmedabad)
02:00PM - 02:25PM Assessment of High Risk Diabetic Foot : What not to miss? Dr. Amit Naghate (Aurangabad)
02:25PM - 02:50PM Changing Patterns of Hospitalized Diabetic Foot Ulcer - DFU as a Canary in the Coal mine? Dr. Milind Ruke (Mumbai)
02:50PM - 03:15PM Management of Neuroischemic Foot: Where are we in 2019? Dr. Tushar Rege (Mumbai)
03:15PM - 03:40PM Healing the Diabetic Foot Wound & Prolonging Remission - A Team Work Dr. APS Suri(New Delhi)
03:40PM - 04:05PM Offloading Diabetic Foot Wound - 20 Years Research in 20 mins Dr. Sunil Kari (Hubli)
04:05PM - 04:30PM Achievement & Future Plan of IWGDF - Consensus on Diabetic Foot Dr. TKM Eashwar (Rajkot)