Dr Jibin Chi

Dr. Jibin Chi (SWEDEN) MD, MBA, MBI

Dr. Chi obtained his medical degree from Medical University of China in 1988 and undertook graduate research in Tohoku University in Japan in the field of preventative dentistry in the middle of 90's. Thereafter he obtained a Master degree in International Business Administration and a Master degree in Business Informatics from Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands in the late 90's.

In his professional career, Dr. Chi has worked in preventative medicine, biopharmaceutical, tissue engineering, medical device and biotech companies across Australia, China, Japan, Netherlands, Germany,Switzerland, USA and Sweden. In the past three decades, Dr. Chi has been specialized in translational medicine to bring innovation and scientific advancement into the medical community.

Owning to this diverse experience and knowledge, Dr. Chi has been engaged in various academic activities and has been an invited speaker to diverse scientific conferences. He was the chairperson at the 2nd BIT World Congress of Diabetes and the 1st World Congress of Endobolism. He was a guest speaker to Japanese Anti-aging Engineering Conference, Singapore A-Star Biotechnology Conference, Dutch and Japanese AGE Summit Conferences, Swedish Harmony Expo and 2nd Eastern European Chinese Medicine Annual Meeting. He was also a lecturer and therapist at "Holiday at the Sea" medical wellness cruise in USA, one of the top-100 wellness holidays voted by the National Geographic Magazine. Most recently he served as an international faculty member at the 45th Annual Meeting of Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) and an invited speaker at the 7th Diabetes Asia Study Group meeting. Dr. Chi is a Dutch national and is currently taking a residence in Sweden. He speaks English, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.